Resupplying and chilling with a Chang in Chiang Mai

From Yangong I flew to Chiang Mai, much adored by Thai and travellers alike for its chilled vibe. Located in North Thailand, Chiang Mai has great food, beautiful mountains and after the Zeitgeist experience of Myanmar, plenty of Western comforts. On arrival I saw the person in front of me in the Visa on Arrival queue had Dee Jai backpackers written on his arrival card. I sparked up conversation and he agreed to let me share a taxi with him, his friend and his girlfriend. I quickly got a long and settled into their – what I would call – very British humour for two Chilleans and a lady from he Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Almost one month into my travels I needed to replace, buy new and discard things. I booked two nights stay in the old town (at the very sociable Dee Jai Backpackers). I’d need both of the days I booked just to sort out day to day admin before starting on the touristy stuff.

I realised in Myanmar my iPhone 6 and Canon S90 are woefully inadequate to capture my travels how I want it. Also, I love photography and taking great pictures is something that adds to the travel experience. Spending most of the Myanmar trip in deep envy to Andrew’s and Ale’s camera I did my research and decided to get a Nikon D7100 as soon as I arrived into Chiang Mai. After some more rapid and heavy research and with some guidance from Ale, I decided on the multi-purpose lens Nikon 18-200m VRII lens. And here’s my new friend:


Expect some better photos 🙂

The second casualty of my trip was my much adored day bag. One of the zips had broken in Myanmar by the time I got to Chiang Mai the second zip went. A bag that doesn’t close is as useless as a cup with two open ends. My day bag has served me for 7 years, accompanying me to orphanages in Kenya, beaches in Spain, hiking in Slovenia, island hopping in Croatia, through the Atlas mountains and deserts of Morroco, sight seeing in San Francisco, through Yosemite National Park, skiing in Lake Tahoe and Mount Mammoth and numerous ski trips in France – thank you for your service and good bye. (I can hear most of my friends saying with this paragraph I’ve shown more sentiment and adoration towards my bag than I have any human being during my life so far).

Finally, with some unexpected but very useful and welcomed Christmas presents from Gawthorne friends and family, and a few typical backpacker t-shirt purchases my bag was far fuller than I needed it, so some stuff needed to be sent home.

With the best of intentions I intended to write up Myanmar but doing the above, chilling by the swimming pool in Deejai backpackers and visiting the night markets left little time.

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