Perhentian > Johor Bahru > Singapore

Towards the end of August, all of the dive masters and instructors were heading off to their next destination. Some were taking short holidays, others went directly to either Thailand or the Philippines where they’d complete their next season and the rest went home.

With the Island beginning to empty out, I felt mostly ready to move on.

I took a bus from Kuala Besut to the main bus station. I killed a few hours then took an overnight bus to Johor Bahru.

Johor Bahru

There’s not a lot to say about JB. It’s a border town that acts as the gateway between Singapore and Malaysia.

It has no backpacker hostel so I had to find a cheap hotel.

The only thing I could highlight about Johor Bahru is a very hipster-rescue food court on the top floor of the Central Square Shopping Mall. You have to take the lift all the way to the 7th floor.




Not much to say here except some awesome food and going out fun.


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