India – Goa

India – Goa

From Kutch I swung through Ahmedabad and Navsari to visit family. That brought me to the end of the year. I was ready to start the New Year with a party and fun so I flew to Goa.

The first three pictures are of the Saturday market in Goa – possibly one of the best markets I’ve visited since I started travelling.

The next six are from lazing around the beach.

Last year I entered 2015 looking down on fireworks – for the first time in my life – from a rooftop bar in Bangkok. This year I entered the New Year – 2016 – on a beach completely surrounded by fireworks. They were being fired off from in front of me, to the left, to the right, behind me – an entire 360-degree panorama of fireworks. Another special fireworks displays and another first. A fitting coda to an awesome year and another special start to the next.


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