From better websites to real customer centricity: AWS Q4 Summit

CX is becoming synonymous with creating better websites and mobile apps. Most organisations engage customer experience designer as an afterthought – once the product features and business models have already been decided. It’s not surprising then, that all customer experience designers do is to create better websites and apps. 

I spoke to 120+ people across 50 organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand on how to create a true customer centric proposition. Business should design product features, business model, and experience together using customer-centric methods. 

My 6 takeaways for organisations from all the of the expert speakers: 

1. CX is stagnating globally.

Asian consumers think companies provide a poor customer experience versus the US where most consumers think companies do an okay job (read more).

Tom Mouhsian, Principal Analyst, Customer Experience, APAC, Forrester 

2. There are no shortcuts to customer loyalty.

Why is it you only hear from the loyalty department from a company when you decide to leave? Haven’t you been loyal up until that point? Don’t think about loyalty when it’s convenient for you, develop ongoing customer engagement, generate insights, and use the insights to drive better engagement. 

Anna Gong, CEO & Founder, Perx Technologies

3. Technology is just the enabler.

Everyone has access to the same technology so at best it’s an equaliser. People are the differentiators so put effort into what people do, how they do it, and their mindset.

Chung Yee Wong, Head of Retail Banking, RHB Bank
Anwar Ishak, Head of Digital IT, Digi

4. Don’t let CX mean better websites.

If you designed a product and business model in an ivory tower and are asking consultants/agencies to design the customer experience, it’s too late. Their hands are tied…and at best they can build you a pretty website or mobile app. Be prepared for a customer journey map that sits decorates your office and executives disillusioned with CX efforts. 

Amer Iqbal, Head of Strategy and Innovation, SEA, Deloitte Digital

5. Don’t just do things better, do better things.

Build customer-centric propositions. That means designing product features with a great problem solution fit; designing lovable experiences; and designing a business model that propels the experience. Don’t do each in isolation: product, experience and business model need to complement each other. 

Roshan Chhotu, Head of Venture Design, SEA, Deloitte Digital 

6. Data is great, but don’t boil the ocean.

Data is key to improving and optimising a proposition once launched. Everyone thinks:

“Step 1: get Big data Step 2: ???? Step 3: More profits”.

Pick data that you already have and act on it quickly and iteratively.

Craig Stires, APAC Head of Data & Analytics, AWS

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