India – Pushkar – The Camel Camp

The men sat, talked, ate, played games and music flowed. The camels were well fed, well watered – some roamed freely, some were tied together, some had a leg tied backwards to prevent them from escaping. As far as the eye could see, there were camels and camps.

India – Pushkar – Sunrise 

I hiked up to the Sarawati temple at the top of a hill to catch the sunrise. I had some visitors as the sun came up. They were extremely playful as were the friendly wild dogs that insisted on ‘playing’ with the monkeys by barking at them and scaring them.

India – Pushkar

Pushkar – famously known to tourists for its annual Pushkar ka Mela, the Camel Fair – is a relaxed place from its serene holy lake (formed from the tears of Shiva) where Pilgrims go to bathe to the streets filled with tourists and locals alike chatting or just relaxedly negotiating prices for textiles and crafts….