Final Round-up of India

Kerala was the chilled part of India. This post is a month overdue so is a mash-together of all my shenanigans in Kerala – the Back Waters Tour in Kochin, generally seeing birds of all types working around the very green and very tropical Indian state, traditional Karnataka dancing, and my trip up to Periyar & Munnar (although Periyar has an average elephant population density of 1/sqkm I saw no wild elephants on my hike.

After Kerala, I flew to Mumbai where I stayed with family. Mentally I guess I had checked out of backpacking so did absolutely nothing tourist related. I didn’t even go to see the slums which I wanted to, in fact, I don’t think I even turned my camera on. Then, I jumped onto a plane and made for England where I’d spend just a few days before starting my new life in Singapore.

Backwaters Tour – the most relaxing few hours of my life

Backwaters Tour – traditional rope making


Karantaka – Traditional Keralan Dancing


Periyar & Munnar


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